Years ago, the SMWC held an annual lottery of its interested youth members. The selected youth was granted a sponsorship to one of the many Conservation based summer camps hosted by the Michigan United Conservation Clubs. 

The SMWC board, seeking to renew this tradition, holds a youth lottery for sponsorship. The board deemed that, so long as our club is able to do so, this lottery will continue to be held annually, in hope that the merits and benefits of conservation may be instilled in upcoming generations. 

For more information on the various MUCC Youth Camps, click here.

All interested youths of the approptiate age are encouraged to apply for the SMWC Annual Scholarship. Preference is given to those who are SMWC youth members, however if no youth member is interested the board will consider sponsoring a non-member youth.

For the intents of this drawing, a "youth member" is a youth who's parents/guardians maintain a family membership, with the Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club, for the year in which sponsorship is requested. 

The drawing will take place at the Annual Awards Banquet at the beginning of each year. 

Parent/Guardian permission will be confirmed prior to the drawing. 

To apply:

Complete and submit the form below. 


Contact any board member or club representative, or Contact Us here


Submit a name in person at the Banquet! 

Deadline for entry online/email is January 23rd, 2020 to allow for processing. Entry by phone or in person will be allowed up until the point of the drawing.

2014 Sponsored Youth: Josh Goodman
Camp selection: TRAP Camp

"Thank you for sending me to the MUCC camp. We learned how to make fires out of flint. We went swimming, fishing and canoeing. Every night we have fires and all the adults did skits at the fire every night. We also shot .22's and bows and arrows. We play games sometimes, but we mostly learn how to survive in the wild if you get lost. Thank you for sending me to camp, it was really fun - Josh Goodman"


2013 Sponsored Youth: Josh Goodman
Camp selection: TRAP Camp

"Thank you for sponsoring me to go to trap camp. It was really fun. We got to learn the parts of the trap, like the dog and jaws. Plus we learned where to trap, what we can and can’t trap. We learned how to make different sets, like the one where you dig a hole in the ground, bury the trap in front of the hole so they step on it and get caught going to the bait. The best thing was that it all paid off and I got my trapping license and now I can trap legally. - Josh Goodman"


2020 Application for Scholarship

Parent/Guardian permission required

SMWC Membership

What camps interest you most?

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